3 Ways to Switch to a Green Cleaning Routine!
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Article: 3 Ways to Switch to a Green Cleaning Routine!

3 Ways to Switch to a Green Cleaning Routine! | The Green Collective SG

3 Ways to Switch to a Green Cleaning Routine!

When it comes to leading a sustainable lifestyle, what comes to mind first? For most, it would be the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. However, what is often overlooked is that you can even reduce the waste generated in your daily tasks like cleaning!

Having to clean is inevitable, whether it is your home or office, so it is important to adopt sustainable cleaning habits which will not only benefit the environment but also your health and wallet. Here’s all you need to know about green cleaning and what you can do to make sustainable changes to your cleaning routine

1. Invest in Reusable Cleaning Products

We all know that the first step to any sustainable lifestyle is to reduce the waste we produce. In terms of cleaning, we can reduce the amount of packaging waste from our products by reusing and refilling them. With the right products, it will also be more cost-effective in the long run.

Even your old rags or worn-out toothbrushes can be put to use into decent cleaning products, you just need to get creative. Turn that toothbrush into a mini scrubber for tight spaces that are not easily accessible.

Reuuse’s Foaming Hand Soap Bottle set comes with tablet refills that are fuss-free for convenient storage. Its packaging also avoids plastic waste, with each tablet being wrapped in kraft paper and aluminum lamination inside to preserve its moisture.

2. Avoid Products that Contain Harmful Chemicals

Surprisingly, many cleaning products emit dangerous chemicals like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals that can irritate the eyes and throat as well as cause difficulty in breathing and nausea. In severe cases, some VOCs may even cause cancer. Products as common as natural fragrances like citrus can emit harmful substances.

Some other examples of cleaning supplies and household products that can contain VOCs and other toxic substances are detergents, dry cleaning chemicals, and air fresheners.

So, how do we know which products to avoid? Non-toxic cleaning products contain more natural ingredients and will not have toxic chemicals such as ammonia and chlorine in them. Just make sure to double check the labels and ingredients list before making your purchase!

Cleaning tablets by SimplyGood will definitely do the trick for an effortless cleaning fix, choose from window cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and even multi-purpose cleaning tablets that are sustainable and free from various toxins.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Try New Alternatives

The market for eco friendly cleaning products is bigger than you think, and many of them are innovative in ways that make them not only more sustainable, but better for you as well. While new words on the packaging that you’ve never seen before may intimidate you, many of these products make a good addition to your cleaning routine and can go a long way.

Take these laundry eco-strips by Tru Earth, which comes with a whole list of certifications, some of it being Paraben-free, Phosphate-free, Free of added dyes, and Free of chlorine bleach. As its name suggests, it replaces your regular laundry detergent and dissolves in the process with its concentrated formula. It’s much easier than expected so don’t be intimidated by new experiences.


All in all, green cleaning isn’t as intimidating or difficult as it is made out to be. Green cleaning products are getting more accessible day by day, it’s just about taking the first step out of your comfort zone to explore new options made available to you. While the effects may not be as noticeable at first, you’ll definitely see positive changes in the long run! 

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