A Different Type of Gift Guide
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Article: A Different Type of Gift Guide

A Different Type of Gift Guide

A Different Type of Gift Guide

It’s the holiday season, and with less than a month before Christmas, it’s time to rethink how we gift. Make this Christmas meaningful and ethical by giving gifts with a positive social impact. Here are 6 gifts available at The Green Collective that give back and empower the communities that make them!

  1. Resort Wear that Empowers Artisans

Baliza works with generations-old Indian craftsmen at Ladli (the vocational centre of the NGO i-India in Jaipur.) to preserve their art, and sustain value. “We employ Gudri women and provide them with the necessary skills to learn to make the beading, embroidery and each tassel of our kaftans. The production of 20 kaftans pays for one month’s full salary. At Ladli they are also given social benefits, taught financial education and are given emotional support. Their fair salaries are 3 times higher than average factory workers.”

2. Shoes that Do Good

These batik heels from The Handmade Romantics (THR) are made by a group of traditional shoemakers Central Java. THR works closely with small scale artisans to create sustainable products and preserve traditional skills - “ we always provide the financial investment upfront so that our craftsmen are not out of pocket when paying for materials and labour to produce their products. “ Crafters get an average of 40% of the product sales and are financially covered for samples and transportation costs.

3. Clothing that Doesn’t Exploit

Safe for baby. If you’re thinking of looking for safe baby wear that does good, look for Etrican’s baby range. Etrican’s organic cotton clothing is made in a small factory in Tirupur, India. The factory is fully GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and ensures fair pay and adequate working hours and conditions for its workers.

4. Upcycling with a Difference

You might have spotted the shiny Coopita upcycled plastic tote bags at The Green Collective. Coopita works closely with Aarohana Ecosocial Developments, a social enterprise that trains the women of the Warli tribe to weave the plastic on the traditional charka and earn a livelihood from the sale of the upcycled bags, laptop sleeves, pouches.


5. Pad for Pad

LiveLoveLuna stocks the Ecofemme reusable menstrual pads. Production of the pads are done by 5 units in the same community that ensure fair wages and safe working environments to the women employed there (most are owner-members and have equal stakes in the company). Further, a portion of the cost of each pad you purchase funds a kit with 4 pads, a travel pouch and informational leaflet to girls from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in India.

6. Woven Baskets that Give Back

Terra Nomas partners a social enterprise that works with more than 300 artisans in 17 villages in Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda. These artisan groups include former refugee women, survivors of genocide, and seriously ill artisans. Through the group's work, the artisans can increase their crop yield while having a work-family life balance, send their children to school, and provide better nutrition and healthcare. According to the social enterprise, "2016 Social Impact Assessment found that 81 percent of the artisans started new business ventures using their weaving income, and 82 percent reported improved equality and respect with their spouses. The positive impacts of a sustainable income expand to families and entire communities. We are so proud to partner with such an effective social enterprise offering beautiful handmade home décor."


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