COVID-19: What to do at home
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Article: COVID-19: What to do at home

COVID-19: What to do at home

COVID-19: What to do at home

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These are definitely challenging times, but here at The Green Collective SG, we've decided to be zen and be okay during COVID-19.  We hope you will choose to as well.

1. We're choosing calm & happy over fear.  
We are so grateful to have made it this far with our growing community, having started as a small pop-up in 2018.  Although we do worry about what these times may bring  upon us, we can never underestimate the power of our loyal supporters and partners. We're swopping negativity for positivity!

2. We're grateful for the government measures
We are fortunate to have policy makers who are on the ball and keeping us safe. The recent measures announced in the past week have been implemented within our space to ensure a safer visit for our community.  

3. We're celebrating our community of partner brands
Our kampung of partner brands has grown from 15 to over 40, all run by inspiring entrepreneurs.  Read about their stories on our social media feeds! They are what makes us tick everyday. 

What do you choose?
How do you stay zen or occupied during these challenging times? Take a look at these tips that were shared with us.

  1. Start the day with a cup of hot tea or coffee and sip slowly! Savor every moment.

  2. Meditate in the morning or even start the day with some stretching and yoga. Some of the favourite go tos are Yoga with Adrienne, and Yoga with Kassandra.

  3. Don't forget to keep your muscles moving. If you're working from home, get up every now and then and walk around. Better yet, incorporate a workout into your daily routine.  Some of the recommendations included Sunny Funny fitness,  Fitness Marshall and POPSugar if you want to dance and sweat it out. Looking for some strengthening or low impact for your folks? Hasfit  is the go to!

  4. Listen to uplifting and motivating podcasts - Happy by Fearne Cotton, How I built this by Guy Raz and Great Women of Business, came highly recommended. 

  5. Learn a skill - cook, bake, learn how to sew, or even compost (cofounder, Dani shares how below!) your food waste.  Take an online course to get your mind off things - and did you know you can use your SKILLS FUTURE credits too?

In the meantime, we hope to still see you at our space. In such a time, let's all come together and support our small and local businesses. Not just the 40+ partner brands here at The Green Collective SG, but also all the others in your community that have been severely impacted by COVID19!

And don't forget to connect with your loved ones - pick up that phone or get on a zoom call, and ask "how are you doing?". It's these small gestures that matter. 

Stay safe.

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