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I AM STRONG Candle: Angelica Root, Cypress, Cedar

Sale price$40.00

This woody, earthy candle is reminiscent of a mysterious, ancient forest. Find comfort, solace, and strength in this grounding and alluring scent that has notes of freshly cut eucalyptus, smokey Siberian fir, and the warm and earthy scent of cypress and cedar.

Includes a grey agate crystal for strength and protection against negativity.

 Note Profile:

    • Top: Siberian FirEucalyptus Globulus 
    • Middle: CypressAngelica
    • Base: Cedar, Patchouli 

220g: 55+ hour burn time. Made from a luxurious wax blend that contains coconut wax and rice bran wax

Siberian Fir Essential Oil: 

Also known as Silver Fir or Fir Needle, the fresh, earthy, woody and sweet scent of this essential oil reminds you of holiday cheer and celebrations.

Traditionally used for respiratory complaints, fever and muscular pains, fir essential oil also offers grounding and anchoring. It is said to be able to stimulate the mind while still allowing your body to relax and unwind.

Cypress Essential Oil: 

Cypress has been on Earth for millions of years. Aside from its woody aroma that promotes relaxation, it also has antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties listed among its many health benefits.


Innerfyre Co I AM STRONG | Buy at The Green Collective
I AM STRONG Candle: Angelica Root, Cypress, Cedar Sale price$40.00