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Simply Good - Bathroom Cleaning Tablet

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    Description :

    SimplyGood’s cleaning tablets deliver a mighty cleaning punch with naturally derived & biodegradable ingredients (Derived from corn & coconut). Each tablet creates 500ml of magic non-toxic cleaning solution, with all the ingredients that you need in your typical surface cleaner! 

    Our cleaning tablets are all-natural, and free for toxins. It is safe to be around kids, pets and soon to be mothers. Basically anyone, and everyone!

     300x lighter & 200x smaller (Reduces carbon footprint)

     Reduce Single-Use Plastic bottles & Reuse existing plastic bottles with tablet Refills

     Natural, Safe & Non-toxic - No Ammonia, Chlorine, EDTA, and Parabens added

    Bathroom Cleaning Tablet:
    Soap scum and toothpaste grime are no match for our non-toxic and mighty cleaning tablets.
    Application Areas: Tub, tile, sink, porcelain
    Scent: Tropical

    All the products use earth-friendly packaging - compostable paper & recyclable plastic lining