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Breeze For You

Breeze Ultimate Combo

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All you need to breeze through your next menstrual cycle!

💎 Breeze Cup x 1 - 100% medical-grade FDA-approved silicone menstrual cup, 100% tested and proven safe for vaginas.

⭐ Small - Suitable for women who have not given birth naturally (i.e via vaginal delivery)

⭐ Large - Suitable for women who have given birth naturally or have weak pelvic floor muscles

💎 Breeze Container x 1 - Sterilizing & storage container

💎 Cup Sterilizer (30 tablets) x 1 - Sterilization tablet to sterilize anywhere anytime

What is included when you order?

Each order will come in a plain drawstring pouch, hand-sewn by TAPAi. TAPAi is a part of the Community Rehabilitation Program for differently-abled people where prevention, rehabilitation, and development initiatives are implemented. It relies on the active involvement of families and communities in order to ensure equal opportunity and promote the integration of disabled people into society. A short story of the maker is included in the pouch. 

We are also proud to feature local artists like Yi Zhen Leong, the illustrator, Yong Kit Kin, stay-home mom who paints while her kid sleeps, Niezam Zam, batik artisan in Terengganu via Inkaa.