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Ultimate Urban Composting Bundle

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    Introducing the Urban Composter Ultimate Starter kit - the perfect solution for those looking to compost their organic kitchen scraps in an easy and effective way. The kit includes everything you need to get started, including 1 x Urban Composter™ Bucket with your choice of colored lid, 1 x City Composter™ Bucket with your choice of colored lid, 1 x Urban Composter™ Compost Accelerator composting spray 500ml, and 1 x Compost Accelerator Refill Spray 1000ml.

    The Urban Composter™ Bucket is a large 15-liter bucket designed for use in the laundry or by the back door. Its compact size makes it perfect for those with limited space. The City Composter™ Bucket is an 8-liter bucket that can be kept in the kitchen for easy access.

    Using these two buckets is simple and can be done in just three easy steps. Firstly, use the City Composter™ Bucket in the kitchen and the Urban Composter™ Bucket in the laundry or by the back door. Secondly, once the City Composter™ Bucket is full, empty it into the larger Urban Composter™ Bucket, which allows the food scraps to ferment while you are filling the City Composter™ again. Three full Urban Composter™ City buckets will fill the Urban Composter™ Bucket. Finally, once the Urban Composter™ Bucket is full, mix the contents with soil to create compost quickly.

    The Urban Composter™ Bucket measures 29cm in diameter, 40cm at the back, and 35cm at the front, while the City Composter™ Bucket measures 23cm in diameter and 27cm in height. Both buckets come with your choice of colored lid to suit your style.

    We take pride in our products, and the Urban Composter™ range is 100% Australian made, designed, and marketed by an Australian family business. Get the Urban Composter Ultimate Starter kit today and start composting your kitchen scraps in a hassle-free way!