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Iryasa Organic Lavender Essential Oil

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    Product Details

    • A non-toxic, non-sensitising & non-irritant oil that relaxes and calms the nerves; reduces stress, tension and fatigue; promotes a restful night’s sleep
    • Provides soothing comfort for minor skin abrasions, irritations, cuts and burns
    • Added to a massage oil blend, it reduces muscle soreness, aches and pains
    • A universal favourite and a must-have for every aromatherapy enthusiast!
    • USDA Organic certified

    Botanical name: Lavandula angustifolia
    Aroma: Floral, Sweet with mild herbaceous, earthy notes
    Plant part: Flowering tops
    Note classification: Middle to top
    Distillation method: Steam distillation

    How to Use

    For Aromatherapy:
    To promote peaceful sleep or to alleviate stress, anxiety & fatigue, add about 3-5 drops of Iryasa Lavender essential oil for every 100ml (3.3 fl.oz) of water in a diffuser. You may need to increase/decrease the number of drops depending on the size of the room and where your diffuser is kept. For instance, you'd probably need less number of drops for a smaller or less ventilated room. Since the intensity of scents are such a personal preference, we recommend that you start with less and work your way up as needed.

    For Topical Application:
    To make a massage oil blend for relieving muscular aches and pains, dilute with a suitable carrier oil such as Fractionated coconut oil or Grapeseed oil. We recommend using 10-12 drops of Iryasa Lavender essential oil in 15ml (0.5 fl.oz) carrier oil to make ~2-3% dilution.

    Safety Information
    All Iryasa Essential Oils are highly concentrated - always dilute with an appropriate carrier oil before topical use. Not for internal use, except if directed by an expert or a qualified practitioner. Never use undiluted essential oils near eyes or mucous membranes. Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant, lactating or under any medication, consult your physician before use.