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Sweet Dreams: Lavender & Clary Sage Essential Oil Spray

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    lavender and clary sage room spray

    Product Details

    If you are looking for a night of restful sleep, there’s no more need to travel the world and the seven seas. This floral, musky and herbal scent is like a soothing lullaby. Let go of the worries of the day as you inhale its calming fragrance and prepare to tuck yourself to bed. 


    Essential oils in the spray:

    Volume: 100ml.

    Ingredients: Essential Oils (over 30%), Perfumer’s Alcohol

    Perfect as a room spray, pillow mist, or yoga mat spray. 

    The Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) Essential Oil Spray from Innerfyre is all you need to achieve a calm, soothing soothing slumber. To keep the relaxing fragrances close, use it as a pillow mist before you turn in for the night. 

    Lavender Essential Oil:

    With a  floral aroma and a refreshing minty undertone, the smell of the lavender essential oil greets you as you envision yourself surrounded by lavender flowers all around. Let it soothe you with its balancing properties that calm the mind and body.

    Clary Sage Essential Oil:

    The spicy and herbaceous odour of the clary sage essential oil can bring even more feelings of calm  — it’s been said that it can even enhance our dream state. Among the various clary sage oil benefits is its ability to clear eye problems and to strengthen our hormonal system.