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Cat Variety Pack

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    You asked for it and we heard you!

    This variety pack is a degustation of our awesome raw flavours - Chicken, Beef, Duck, Lamb, Venison, Kangaroo!

    This is perfect if you are unsure which flavour your finicky cat prefers, or to simply uplift his mood by rotating the food for each feeding.

    Our meats are specially made into chunks for your cat to tear and chew on just as nature intended, increasing the satisfaction after every meal!

    Each cup weighs 85 grams.
    Sold in a pack of 6 cups.

    Feeding Recommendations: 1 cup per meal, twice a day for an adult cat.

    *Take Note: Due to the current chicken supply issues, please note that for selected products, the chicken neck used in the formulas will be changed to duck neck temporarily until further notice. The core protein meat remains unchanged.