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EQUO Coffee Straws

Sale price$8.00

Coffee straws: Not straws made for coffee. But, straws made from coffee!

Yes, that’s what we did.

Durable and flexible just like plastic straws, but without the negative impact, these dark brown coffee straws look super cool and are convenient too. Made with natural coffee grounds, coffee straw contains no caffeine or taste but has the delectable aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Great for multiple uses on the same day, these resuable coffee straws never get soggy mid-drink like paper straws and fully biodegrade in your compost bin.

  • Tasteless and caffeine-free
  • Gorgeous brown color with natural speckled patterns
  • Coffee straws contain no chemicals or plastics
  • Coffee straws are reusable multiple times on the same day
  • Perfect for adults and children too
  • Coffee straws are compostable


ALL NATURAL - Made with coffee grounds. Our coffee straws are made from natural coffee grounds and have natural speckled pattern, coupled with a pleasant aroma of freshly brewed coffee. 

WIDE APPLICATION: These coffee straws work perfectly for daily drinks such as juices, shakes, smoothies, iced coffee, etc. These biodegradable straws are great for birthday parties, baby showers, wedding receptions, bridal showers, housewarming parties, picnics, cake pops and more. Suitable for hot and cold drinks, children and adults. At EQUO, you can even buy coffee straws in boba size or coffee straws in standard size. They make great sustainable party supplies, restaurant straws, or in-home alternatives! The coffee straw can be reused multiple times a day because of its extremely similar durability to plastic straws. 

  • Ingredients: Coffee grounds
  • Decomposition Time: up to 12 months
  • Longevity in Liquids: All-day
  • Colors: Dark brown, speckled
  • Cocktail: 0.23″(6mm)
  • Standard: 0.23″(6mm)
  • Extra Long: 0.23″(6mm)
  • Boba: 0.5″(12mm)
  • Cocktail: 5.9”(150mm)
  • Standard: 7.9″ (200mm)
  • Extra Long: 9.8″(250mm)
  • Boba: 7.9″(200mm)

Size: 50ct per pack

EQUO Coffee Straws
EQUO Coffee Straws Sale price$8.00