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Bernadette de Lavernette (Bunny Planet)


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This is rare natural honey coming from the cactus flower. Our cactus honey takes its unique essence from the desert of Southern Madagascar, in Toliara. Its light straw-yellow color turns into rich beige after crystallization.
The flavor resembles the freshness of watermelon and rock melon, and it attracts honey lovers with its robust, rich, and pleasant taste with a fruity note. It is a delight for palates that are looking for something unique.

How to enjoy it: you can enjoy all its nuances on a slice of bread, or you can use it in recipes, sweet or savory.
In addition, it is a good ingredient for your natural beauty products: body exfoliators, hair masks, and so forth.

How it may benefit you: This honey can help treat inflammation and sore throats. It is a natural remedy to cure minor aches and pains.