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Bernadette de Lavernette (Bunny Planet)

Honey-Dry Forest

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Our Dry Forest Honey is a beautiful result of our hardworking bees. They buzz around and forage on various flora like Baobab, Aloe Vera, and prickly pears in the dry forest areas of Madagascar. These rare endemic plants make a genuinely unique, pure wild honey with a slightly thick texture and a caramelized taste with no equal.

How to enjoy it: You can use it to make drinks or use it as an accomplishment to your cheese platter. It is also perfect for homemade beauty products.

How it may benefit you: The purity and authenticity of this honey give it an exceptional healing ability, and it is also very rich in antioxidants which make this honey your best ally to help you stay young. And it is also perfect for DIY skin care products. This honey contains all the benefits of Aloe Vera and is suitable for all hair and skin types.