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Bernadette de Lavernette (Bunny Planet)

Honey-Humid Forest

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This rare honey comes from the humid rainforest of Southeastern Madagascar. The sunny seasons, tropical rain, and rich forest soil give this honey an exceptional quality and taste. Flavored with tropical and endemic flowers, our humid forest honey is greatly appreciated for its outstanding taste and delicate floral notes. This honey has a thick texture and a light golden-greenish color from the rich floral diversity.

How to enjoy it: you can use it in your teas. You can also eat it with a spoonful or on bread. It is suitable for various home remedies, and it is delicious in gourmet recipes.
It is also great for your homemade beauty products. With its thick and creamy texture, it is very easy to apply and can be used as a mask, body scrub, or applied to take care of your hair.

How it may benefit you: It helps to ease sore throats, coughs, bruises, and swelling. The rich minerals and anti-oxidants can give your skin and hair the radiance you fancy for