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Bernadette de Lavernette (Bunny Planet)


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The Mokarana Honey is named after an endemic plant of Madagascar that comes from the forests of Mokarana in South Eastern Madagascar. Mokarana is a very special plant whose buds are hidden under its large leaves. Therefore, our bee farmers must place our beehives in the heart of the Mokarana forests. Then our bees will explore the entire forest to find the hidden buds and extract their nectar.
This honey is rare and highly prized because of its exceptional aroma. It has an unmatched smoothness, delicate and delicious with a fruity fragrance which makes it highly appreciated by connoisseurs.

How to Enjoy it:
Our Mokarana Honey can be the key ingredient to an energizing breakfast and is also suitable for sweetening or finely flavoring teas. It can be made into a delicious smoothie too.

How it may benefit you:
Mokarana honey is famous and recognized for its calming and relaxing properties.
Grandmothers or «mamabe», as Malagasy farmers call them, use this honey to calm babies with skin irritations. It also has healing properties in case of coughing or sore throat. For its beauty virtues, Mokarana Honey is excellent for softening and nourishing the skin.