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Bernadette de Lavernette (Bunny Planet)


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In the lush forests of Madagascar's southeast coast, there are magical white flowers of Niaouli, whose nectar is used to make this honey.
Niaouli honey has a beautiful blend of woody and vegetal aromas. Its colour is dark golden at the time of harvest and will eventually turn to dark brown in the jars. The texture is relatively liquid.

How to enjoy it:

Professional chefs love Niaouli honey for its fresh and exotic notes, which make it a perfect enhancer for chicken, fish, and cheese!
Its exotic flavor also mixes very well with coffee, lemongrass, mango, and vanilla. Those who enjoy strong honey will definitely love this honey.

How it may benefit you:
Like its essential oil, Niaouli Honey is known for its virtues. It helps efficiently in case of coughs, colds and flu. It also helps to combat headaches and improve the quality of sleep.