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My Naked Bar

Matcha Azuki Soap Bar for Natural Glow

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    My Naked Bar Youthful Radiance Matcha Azuki for Natural Glow

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    GLOW NATURALLY with a natural bar every shower.

    Matcha Azuki soap with Camellia, scented with Lemon Eucalyptus.  A bar filled with simple goodness known to noblewomen since hundreds of years ago.

    Azuki bean powder had been used for hundreds of years in Japanese skincare regime to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. It is rich in saponin and provides deep cleansing and exfoliation to remove dead skin cell, unclog pores, which explains why Japanese noblewomen had been using it since 18th century to improve circulation for a natural glow.⁠

    Not forgetting the star ingredient - MATCHA! Matcha is a beautiful natural ingredient that is suitable for all skin types. Not only is it touted to help fight signs of aging, matcha is gentle enough even for the young skin!⁠ Possibly helpful for pre-teens or teens pounded with acne woes. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces redness of the skin, while its tannin content is said to help address over production of oil and tighten pores.⁠

    And the story doesn't end here. Camellia oil which is touted as one of the beauty secrets of Geishas! Rich with antioxidant and Vitamin E, Camellia oil is also non comedogenic making it suitable even for oily skin. It is known to absorb quickly and deeply into the skin, promoting skin health.


    Daily use on face and body.

    Skin Types:

    All skin types including acne prone


    +/-100g when crafted
    +/-90g at 4-6 weeks cure


    Saponified oils of
    Organic Coconut
    Rice Bran
    Sweet Almond
    Distilled Water
    Sodium Hydroxide
    Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil
    Organic Matcha
    Organic Azuki Beans