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Purple & Pure

Plantable Seed Coloured Pencils (Set of 10)

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    Be the first to gift your friends, family or corporate clients with our plantable coloured pencils. A perfect way to encourage their budding creativity whilst creating a sustainable future.

    Pure Seed Pencils are efficient and best suited for artists of all ages. They are made of 100% recycled newspaper, ensuring a positive impact on the environment as well. These pencils come in various colorful shades that anyone would love to use!

    It's a pencil that grows into the Tulsi plant! These eco-friendly pens come with seeds planted inside each pencil, so your stationery purchase is also an investment in time for you and the environment.

    Eco friendly paper pencils Kids Stationery and friendly office school supplies - Reduces Carbon footprint a contribute to nature | Eco-Friendly / Recycled paper Pencils / Made from Old Newspapers perfect gift set for boys and girls children pencils.

    Product Details: Plant Tulsi seed pencils with coloured lead inside. Sold in a set of 10 colours

    How to use: Once the pencil is too short of using, put it in the pot with soil and manure. The capsule side should go inside the soil and tip upwards, this will allow the capsule to dissolve, and the seed will go inside the moist soil.

    Note: For planting details, please refer to the packaging box.

    All colours have Tulsi (Indian Basil) seeds to plant. Tulsi Plant helps in relieving fever, headache, sore throat, cold, cough, flu, and chest congestion.