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The Karang Guni Trail

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Singapore's First Eco Board Game and Card Game for ages 3+. When it comes to cultivating green habits in classrooms and at home, games are more effective than Google search. So, if you find Recycling boring; we added lots of fun to it with The Karang Guni Trail®. A set of 2 board games, sticker activity that infuse fun into Recycling & Composting. Have hours of #fun at the same time learn more about #RecycleRight .

The Karang Guni Trail ® is an easy and engaging edutainment tool and an easy time-filler or bonding activity before or after dinner, at picnics, or when you have guests over. It is also ideal as a meaningful birthday gift.

The Karang Guni Trail ® Game was created as part of the project 'Get into the Game of Recycling' under the Call for Ideas fund by NEA.
The Karang Guni Trail
The Karang Guni Trail Sale price$30.00