Busted! Reusable Period Products Are Hygienic (#FlowWithEase)
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Article: Busted! Reusable Period Products Are Hygienic (#FlowWithEase)

Busted! Reusable Period Products Are Hygienic (#FlowWithEase)

Busted! Reusable Period Products Are Hygienic (#FlowWithEase)

Let's talk hygiene – a major concern for many women considering reusable period products. One of the popular myth around reusable period products is that reusable period products are "unclean".

Here's why the "unhygienic" myth is simply not true:

Myth - Disposable period products are sterile

Many women believe that disposable pads and tampons are sterile. Disposable period pads and tampons are typically disinfected, not sterilized. This means that they may still contain trace amounts of bacteria. On the other hand, you can thoroughly clean and sterilize reusable period care options by following the manufacturer's instructions

Myth - Reusable products have a higher risk of infection 

Let's face it, periods aren't dirty! Period blood is simply the shedding of the uterine lining, a natural bodily function. Period cups and period underwear collect this blood, not absorb it like tampons or period pads, thus minimizing the risk of irritation or bacterial growth.

Myth - Maintaining hygiene with reusable products is difficult

Maintaining hygiene with reusable products is simple. Menstrual cups can be sterilized with boiling water. Most period underwear or period swimwear are machine-washable. Reusable pads can also be rinsed and washed after use.

Proper care and regular cleaning routine can ensure the hygiene of your reusable menstrual products.

    Menstrual cup

    Myth: Its hard to switch to eco-friendly period care

    Switching to eco-friendly period care is cost-effective and a better option than disposable products, it's also easy.

    Here are some tips for a smooth transition:

    1. Read the instructions: Each reusable sanitary pad or menstrual pad comes with specific cleaning and care instructions. Following these guidelines ensures proper hygiene and optimal lifespan for your chosen product.
    2. Invest in a good cleaning solution: Look for a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser specifically designed for menstrual cups or period underwear. This will help maintain the integrity of the material and prevent irritation.
    3. Develop a cleaning routine:  Establish a consistent routine for cleaning your reusable menstrual care products, whether it's after each use or at the end of your period. This will become second nature in no time!

    Dr. Li Mei Shan, a leading menstrual health educator in Singapore, emphasizes the importance of proper hygiene with reusable products. "Reusable period care offers many benefits, but proper cleaning is crucial for maintaining hygiene. By following recommended cleaning routines, you can ensure your reusable products are safe and comfortable to use."

    Cleaning Supplies

    Join the #FlowWithEase movement and embrace the hygiene and convenience of eco-friendly menstrual care. Your body and the planet will thank you! If you have more questions please drop them in comments below!

    Ready to make the switch? Shop for a range of menstrual care products here.

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