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Honey-Pink Peppercorn
Honey-Pink Peppercorn Sale price$45.00
Honey-Niaouli Sale price$38.00
Honey-Humid Forest
Honey-Humid Forest Sale price$38.00
Honey-Eucalyptus Sale price$38.00
Honey-Dry Forest
Honey-Dry Forest Sale price$38.00
Honey-Cactus Sale price$38.00
Tangerine with Rum & Honey
Tangerine with Rum & Honey Sale priceFrom $14.80
Rose Petale
Rose Petale Sale priceFrom $14.80
Lychee & Orange Flower
Lychee & Orange Flower Sale priceFrom $14.80
Mango Vanilla
Mango Vanilla Sale priceFrom $14.80
Guava Sale priceFrom $14.80
Faiz Chilli Jam, 1 bottle
Faiz Jam, 1 bottle
Faiz Jam, 1 bottle Sale price$5.80
Faiz Pineapple  Jam, 2 bottles
Honey-Mokarana Sale price$45.00
Honey-Lychee Honey
Honey-Lychee Honey Sale price$38.00
Vanilla Sale priceFrom $16.80
Orange Spices
Orange Spices Sale priceFrom $14.80
Pineapple Vanilla Rosemary
Pineapple Vanilla Rosemary Sale priceFrom $14.80
White Peach Verbena
White Peach Verbena Sale priceFrom $14.80
Rhubarb Sale priceFrom $14.80
Strawbeery with Mint & Pepper
Strawbeery with Mint & Pepper Sale priceFrom $14.80
Raspberry Sale price$28.00
Plum with Cinnamon
Plum with Cinnamon Sale priceFrom $14.80
Mulberry Sale priceFrom $14.80
Milk with Fleur de Sel
Milk with Fleur de Sel Sale priceFrom $15.80
Mango with Passion
Mango with Passion Sale priceFrom $14.80
Apricot with Almond
Apricot with Almond Sale priceFrom $14.80