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The Green Collective SG Pte Ltd is committed to numerous environmental, social and economic goals. Transparency is and will always be one of our strengths. Two of our numerous goals are listed and explained below.

Local Economic Development:

We have a formal commitment to economically impact a small-scale and culturally connected area in and around Singapore.

Our local purchasing commitment is to source at least 50% of costs from local and independent suppliers to serve at least 75% of local and independent clients or customers. 
We are striving to achieve even more as shown in our results below:

  • In 2021 we sourced 92.6% locally
  • In 2022 we sourced 82.5% locally.

The increase in overseas sourcing is due to the distribution of unique sustainable products from Australia(Urban Composters) and Vietnam(Equo) which were not available locally. 

Our Kakis(vendors) are largely based in Singapore (92.54%) and in South East Asia(7.46%), to whom we provide multiple services to help them grow their businesses. 

Arts, Media and Culture:

Through some of our Kakis' products and services that promote or preserve art, cultural heritage, or civic engagement, we contribute to preserving some of South East Asia's threatened or even dying art. By providing a platform for talks, demos, retail, etc we widen the access to such cultural heritages to our local community. 


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