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Article: Fragrance - The Ultimate Mood Setter You Need

Fragrance - The Ultimate Mood Setter You Need

Fragrance - The Ultimate Mood Setter You Need

Natural Fragrances

‘I think a fragrance is all about sensations and imagery, and can evoke visions, feelings and thoughts.’-Shakira

Have you ever had an essential oil that made you travel instantly to a world of unicorns? Or has a splash of fragrance made you feel fresh and lively instantaneously? Wondering how this happens? Well, these scents can shape our moods and transform the dull days into brighter ones in three ways:


1. Lowers Stress Levels

In this fast-paced world of ours, stress has become an inevitable part life, affecting our body, mind and soul. While we may not be able to avoid it , we can definitely manage it by incorporating healthy habits, such as going out for a walk and eating better, into our daily routine. Getting a whiff of lemon, mango or lavender essences can also do wonders to instantly weed out all the tension that your mind and body holds. These uplifting fragrances have also been proven to minimise insomnia and aid in improving overall health. 

2. Energises You Instantly

Have you relied on your cup of coffee for that push of energy on a Monday morning? Well it’s time to sniff on some all- natural fragrances for your daily dose of freshness. Simply inhaling a scent containing Peppermint can restore your energy levels while inducing a feeling of confidence and enthusiasm. Peppermint boosts the immune system due its antibacterial and antifungal properties, keeping germs far away. At last, Monday blues won’t bother you again and you’ll be able to start your week with a kick. 

3. Fosters Restful Sleep

Had a stressful day? Worry not. It will only take a few whiffs of essential oils to calm you down and unwind you from a long day. Lavender and Rose are known to help release sleep-inducing hormones in our bodies when it’s time to nod off, thus providing us with a quality night’s sleep. Just add a few drops to your diffuser or spray on a natural fragrance that contains these oils, and fall into a deep slumber. A restful sleep will do wonders for your state of mind and your ability to tackle life's challenges. 

Wondering where to buy these scents? Head on to The Green Collective SG for all things natural. We especially love Sol+ and Iryasa  for their 100% plant-based fragrances and essential oils.

Here are our top picks now available at The Green Collective SG:

a) Next time you feel low and stressed, or you want to banish Monday blues use ’s Dream Roll-On.

b) Kick start your day with the aptly named alcohol-free spray, Awaken from Sol+

c) Spray on Iryasa’s body mists for a cool and refreshing aroma and say goodbye to all your troubles.

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