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Purple & Pure

Recycled Paper Seed Pencils – Set of 4

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    Purple and Pure's Eco-Friendly Seed Pencils are a creative way to promote the importance of using recycled materials in the production of everyday items. These pencils are crafted with seeds fused into them, which makes them great for your budding green thumb. Made from recycled paper and seeds, these pencils are perfect for writing down your thoughts and ideas.

    How to plant your Plantable Eco Pencil?

    When the ink is finished, it cannot be refilled again. So after using them, bury them inside the soil in the pot at an elevation of around 45 degrees. A starch side containing seeds will go inside the soil and starch will get dissolved in water. After a few days, a new plant will come out. Plant them once you're finished with them, and watch them grow!

    Seed pencils are a beautiful way to keep the earth healthy. After use, these eco-friendly pencils can be planted in soil and will grow into herbs! They come in sets of 4 with 4 different kinds of herbs: tomato, basil, coriander, and fenugreek.


    Seed Pencil is a handmade pencil made with seeds infused in them.

    It is a wood-free pencil, which is made up of recycled paper and has a water capsule that consists of seeds.

    The outer body is surrounded by graphite lead.


    The outer body is as strong and comfortable as a regular pencil.

    The lead used is 2HB and the pencil responds normally to regular sharpeners.

    Note: These pencils make a perfect gift for corporates with a consciousness of making a sustainable future. can be personalized to meet your requirements gift hamper and packs, company tags, and logos with a Minimum Quantity.<


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