Embrace Yourself with the Goodness of Coconut Oil

Embrace Yourself with the Goodness of Coconut Oil

6 Great Ways to Use Coconut Oil


If you’re looking for an all-inclusive solution for your beauty problems, we’ve got you covered. Once you’ve understood the diverse benefits of coconut oil for skin and hair (well, literally everything!), we’re pretty sure you’ll be as hooked to it as we are.

Here are a few of our favourite coconut oil applications - 

  1. Natural Deodorant: Let’s face it, none of us want to fall prey      to undesirable body odors especially in the scorching heat we’re facing      now. Worry not, coconuts are here to the rescue. Coconut oil has strong anti-bacterial      properties which makes it a 100% natural deodorant, free from any harmful chemicals. Just mix 3 parts coconut oil to 2 parts each of cornstarch and      baking powder, and you can start applying this to your underarms straightaway. Adding your favourite essential oils to this mixture will ensure a fresh whiff of scent that's      irritation-free.

  2. Makeup Remover: Guess what      can help in removing your makeup and also simultaneously help moisturize      your skin? You’re absolutely right - a few drops of coconut oil goodness is enough to deep cleanse and melt away even your stubborn, waterproof      makeup. Unlike the chemical-based removers, coconut oil is gentle to the surface of your skin and will keep your face not only well nourished, but   also leave it with an extra glow. 

  3. DIY Mosquito/Bug Repellant: There’s nothing more annoying than      a mosquito lurking around when you’re trying to sleep! We’re sure you’ve      been in that place before and like others you’ve probably turned to the chemical-fused repellents that do more harm than good. Now what if we told      you that you can make your own bug repellant only by dabbing some coconut oil? Research has shown that the fatty acids in the coconut oil can keep the mosquitoes at bay, so yes that’s all it takes - a few drops of coconut      oil to keep you bug-free!

  4. Strengthen Nails: Want to get rid of cracked cuticles and get      nail that manicure and pedicure without going to the salon? It’s really      simple! Massage your nails and cuticles with a few drops of coconut oil and you’ll be giving all the nourishment to this less noticed part of your      body. Welcoming healthy, strong and shiny nails has never been so easy!

  5. Body, Face and Lip Exfoliator: Who doesn't love a mild scrub      that leaves you with baby-soft skin? Add some sugar or ground coffee beans      to the coconut oil and gently massage it on your body, face and lips to bid farewell to all the dead skin and welcome smooth, supple skin. Due to      its deep conditioning properties, coconut oil promises to lock in the moisture which makes your skin appear brighter. 

  6. Here’s a bonus one: Add some beetroot juice or cocoa powder for a soft, natural tint to your lips.

So now it’s time to head to your kitchen and reach out for the coconut oil to reap and make the best off all the benefits it has to offer!