Gifting for Your BFFs #friendsgoGREEN

For that special occasion where you need to find presents for your gang of gal-pals, or when your best friends’ birthdays keep rolling around and you run out of ideas for what to get for these special people in your life... Why not make it an eco-friendly one and help your friends go green? Come to The Green Collective and shop consciously - we have a few recommendations for you:

  1. For the Caffeine Addicts

Zhai Eco’s collapsible coffee cup is the perfect way to get started on a zero waste journey. Made of food-grade silicone, the collapsed cup fits nicely in your pocket, and once expanded (in less than 1 minute!) the stylish cup can hold 350ml of fluid. That’s enough for a tall coffee! Why not get one in every colour for each of your kopi-loving girlfriends?

Collapsible coffee cup

Collapsible coffee cup

2. For the Fabulous Fashionistas

Stylish, fashionable and want to go sustainable? You Living 悠生活 offers a naturally dyed clothing line suitable for both men and women. Made from cotton and flax, the garments are naturally cooling and perfect for the summer months. You could dress the colours of the rainbow with your BFFs, stay cool and yet look mighty hot strutting the streets together!

To add that splash of colour to an outfit, choose Taikensonzai’s zerowaste cuffs. Handcrafted from pre-consumer textile waste, these accessories are sure to be a head-turner at any party. And what we love about it is they are washable and have a product lifetime repair guarantee!

Natural fiber clothing

Natural fiber clothing

3. For the Beauty & Cosmetics Afficionados

Trying to achieve luscious locks the natural way? Himmel Blue has just the thing. Her handmade hair care products are made from only the most natural of ingredients such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, herbs and essential oils. Oh, and did we mention that they are zero plastic too? Try them out with your gal-pals and exchange your very own beauty reviews.

4. For the DIY Crafty Chicks (a.k.a the Bitch’n’Stitch Club, sometimes)

Looking for an experience rather than a gift? Why not seek out one of our workshops. Give your friends the gift of learning a new skill, and take the chance to catch up with your besties over a fun crafting session instead of the usual high-tea and cakes. Check out our line up here.