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Article: How to Join the #PlasticFreeJuly Challenge in 6 Easy Steps

How to Join the #PlasticFreeJuly Challenge in 6 Easy Steps

How to Join the #PlasticFreeJuly Challenge in 6 Easy Steps

Plastic? You can find it everywhere. And we are obsessed with it! It takes forever to disappear, it harms our wildlife and it pollutes our environment. It’s not just the plastic bags from our shopping, but the straws and the cups from our bubble tea addiction, the packaging that wraps almost everything in the stores, and the plastic lining in our kopi cups.

Now imagine a world without excessive plastic use. Can we get there? Yes, we can! And you can be a part of it by taking these easy steps. Join in the #plasticfreejuly challenge. Post your actions on social media and don’t forget to tag us! We would love to see your posts!

Bamboo straw from Bamboo straw girl

Bamboo straw from Bamboo straw girl

Psssst....If you would like to purchase any of these items, drop by our space. You know where to find us!


Easy Step 1 - No to the reusable straw

The easiest step? Say “no” to straws, they’re deadly to marine life. If you can’t go strawless just yet, choose between metal, borosilicate glass or bamboo alternatives. We love the bamboo ones we stocked up from Bamboo Straw Girl.


Easy Step 2 - Bring your own cup

Bring your own cup wherever you go. Contrary to popular belief, plastic-lined cups can’t be recycled. Our popular food grade collapsible coffee cup (350ml or 550ml) is ideal for coffee (or tea!) addicts, and what we like about it is it can fit into your purse without any hassle. Oh, it’s collapsible within 1 minute - yes, we tested it!


Easy Step 3 - Ditch the plastic cling wrap

Stop or reduce cling wrap use in the kitchen. Try these organic vegan wax wraps from Wellness Within instead. They are a perfect way to keep your bowl of delicious goodies away from the flies and dust while at picnics or dinner parties. Use them to wrap your snacks or even cover your leftovers when it’s time to pop them in the fridge. Not good with molding the wraps into shape? Try the silicone bowl covers that can stretch and seal over a bow or plate - they come in different sizes. Good for planet, good for you!


Easy Step 4 - Ditch the plastic bottle

Use plastic free soap and shampoo. When was the last time you used a bar of traditional soap? Seeing that soap and shampoo now come in plastic bottle dispensers, most would probably answer “never”. Change your beauty regime and switch to beauty sans the plastic with Himmel Blue Soap’s gorgeously smelling and effective shampoo and soap bars. They’re lovingly handcrafted with all the goodness from nature. She has hair conditioner bars stocked with us at Funan as well.

Easy Step 5 - Use a cup

Let’s talk about our monthly periods, ladies! Periods are a pain in the bum and they cost us an arm and a leg. In fact women go through an average of 11,000 sanitary pads in their lifetime. So ditch the sanitary pads and consider using the reusable Freedom cup instead. FDA-registered, and made from medical grade silicone (yes, they are soft!), using them is a cinch!

Menstrual cups

Menstrual cups

Step 6 - Use soap berries

Ditch the conventional laundry detergent, and use soap berries instead! This natural soap generating berry is easy to use, and doesn’t have the harsh chemicals that are associated with the traditional detergents. Just toss 4 soap nuts in a laundry bag into your washing machine and that’s it. It’s so gentle that you can also use it as a body soap and shampoo.

aNERDstore Soap Berries

aNERDstore Soap Berries

Let us know your #plasticfreejuly tips below!

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