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Article: Take Control of Your Periods - Menstrual Cups & More

Take Control of Your Periods - Menstrual Cups & More | The Green Collective SG

Take Control of Your Periods - Menstrual Cups & More

Menstrual Cups, Menstrual Pads and Menstrual Panties

It’s Time to Talk about the M Word

It’s not easy being a woman! With so many hats to wear, when your menstruation sets in, the last thing you want to worry about is leaking through your clothes, and that icky feeling that comes with periods. Menstruating is a natural process that our body goes through, and no matter how annoying you think it is, it’s time for us ladies to take back control and start having happier and greender periods.


Four Ways to Take Control of Your Periods

  1. Use Reusable, Go #zerowaste

    On average, a woman’s menstruation cycle will be approximately 7 days, and will be actively menstruating between the ages of 13 - 55. This means roughly 3,500 days of her life will be menstruating days, and typically, she will use 6 disposable menstrual pads per day, making that a whopping 21,000 throughout her lifetime. The bigger concern is that these are disposed of and, as they are made from plastic, are resource intensive to produce.

    Why not make menstrual cups, menstrual pads and period panties your period buddies instead? A menstrual cup can last up to 10 years, while sanitary pads and period panties can last twice as long when they are laundered with care.


  2. Go for Better Protection

    Always running to the bathroom to check for period leakage? Compared with a tampon which holds approximately 12ml, a large menstrual cup will go the extra mile and will protect you for up to 12 hours, holding up to 30 ml of menstrual blood. Menstrual cups are also the favourite choice for athletes or sporty people, and if you hate to miss your regular swim during that time of month, then the cup is for you.

    Period panties are designed to give maximum protection without all the bulk that comes with wearing sanitary pads, and it helps that they feel like normal underwear too! Maximum absorbance period panties will have the special protective layer run from the front all the way to the back - that’s longer than your largest disposable sanitary pad!


  3. Save Money

    A woman will spend close to $100 each year on menstrual products, or $1,000 over 10 years. A one-time cost for a reusable period product such as a menstrual cup that lasts 10 years would be anywhere between $36 to $59. It’s hard not to see which one’s the cost-effective option, as well as a great choice if you want to cut back on waste.


  4. Empower Others

    Using a reusable menstrual product gives you better control over your body, but by taking the first step, you can also empower others not just around you, but in disadvantaged communities in countries where menstruation is a social stigma or taboo.

    • For every cup that is purchased, Freedom Cups provides one menstrual cup to a woman from an underprivileged community.

    • Purchases of the Ecofemme pad make cloth pads available to girls in need across India, while providing a dignified livelihood to women who stitch the pads. It also goes toward funding their Pad-for-Pad scheme.


How to Choose Your Menstrual Buddy

Depending on your lifestyle and preference, you can opt for one or a combination of all:

  • Menstrual cups - remember that this will go inside you, so go for soft medical grade silicone, BPA and latex-free cups. Always read the label. We love Freedom Cups and The Period Co Lunette. Don’t forget to choose the right size according to your flow.

  • Reusable menstrual pads - choose pads made from organic fabrics. We love the Ecofemme pads, and if you’re not keen on going the full mile with reusable pads, opt for the liners first!

  • Period panties - Singapore is hot, and with an extra layer down there, make sure that the period panties are moisture-wicking Modi Bodi and. Love Luna period panties do just that.

These products are available online and at The Green Collective SG at Funan.

For guidance, tips and how to choose and use menstrual products, join the #greentingkatstories session with The Period Co on 25 June, 7pm

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