The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: 4 Ways to Recreate The Holiday Spirit In Singapore

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: 4 Ways to Recreate The Holiday Spirit In Singapore

December – it’s a season of giving, food, traditions, loved ones, and all things merry and bright! It is the favourite time of the year for most of us, but alas – the festive season looks a little different this year, with all the restrictions and precautions in place because of COVID-19 lurking in almost every corner of the earth. 

But, chin up – amidst these darker times for the whole world, there are still a myriad of things to be grateful for, and ways we can recapture the Christmas spirit in Singapore. It might be one of the toughest years, but may we still bask in the joy and beauty that this season brings: family, friends, closeness, and new memories. So here are 4 ways to recreate your holidays here in Singapore! It might be a different Christmas – but who says it can’t still be a merry one?

#1 Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay 

It’s the yearly Yuletide fair! Full of magical fun, dazzling sights and Christmas spectacles. This year, they’ve taken part of the wonders online - but you can still experience it in person with your loved ones. 

Up for a romantic walk in Christmas Wonderland? Dress up for a date at Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens by the Bay this December together with your other half, as you stroll through the walk of lights featuring a total of 8 different stunning light installations in brand new designs! 

Grab the versatile Auntie Chic Bag by The Handmade Romantics along, to store all your portable chargers, portable fans, and hand sanitisers. Lightweight and waterproof, this will definitely help make your walk at Gardens by the Bay more comfortable by easing your load. What’s more, you can use it as a prop for your pictures too. It’s available in 7 different eye-catching colours!


Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year - get a chance to meet with Santa at Christmas Wonderland too! But be sure to schedule your meet up with Santa through his PA, though; he’s extremely busy as usual. While you wait for your appointment with Santa, tuck into some yummy treats from the Christmas Market, or grab some cool drinks of your choice to quench your thirst - don’t forget to bring your reusables! 

The Drink Bag by Purnama will be your best buddy: faithful to keep you looking trendy while keeping your drinks cool.

The Drink Bag by  Purnama    (Only available in-store)

The Drink Bag by Purnama

(Only available in-store)

Geared up for your date at Christmas Wonderland this holiday yet?

(Psst, did you know, amidst the rich lineup of events at Gardens by the Bay this year-end season, includes a segment on how to enjoy the holiday period sustainably. Complementing the physical events is an enchanting online digital wonderland - be sure to catch it!)


#2 Chill Out at the Beach

Are you more of a beach person, and prefer the sun, sand and sea? Grab some snacks and drinks for a picnic by the beach with your friends! Better yet - satisfy your wanderlust by taking a short getaway and escaping to the nearby islands, either by ferry or yacht bookings! If you’re like us, we’re also in the midst of rediscovering Singapore and first-timers to the nearby Southern Islands. 

As they say, your clothes are linked to your moods and feelings - so why not heighten your holiday getaway experience by dressing up! Get wrapped up in batik for an insta-worthy shot with your friends at the beach with a traditional batik kain or Adem Batik Outer by aNERDstore.

Batik Kain by  aNERDstore  (in-store only)

Batik Kain by aNERDstore (in-store only)

If you’re feeling like a Ninja, another one of our favourite activities is to visit HydroDash floating aqua park - where you can climb, leap, slide, and have a bouncing good time with your friends or family at Singapore’s very first floating aqua park. Do remember to book a time slot for your group beforehand to avoid disappointment! Alternatively, if you’re up for some thrill, Skyline LUGE might be perfect for you. Get your fix of fun with a beautiful bird’s eye view of Sentosa - the best of both worlds.

Whatever activity you find yourself doing by the beach, don’t forget to include a pair of chic Sunglasses Turtle by Truth & All to complete your look. Armed with UV400 lens protection against UVA and UVB rays, this pair of  sunglasses is perfect for your day out under the sun. 

Speaking of protection for the eyes, let’s not forget the importance of protecting the largest organ of our bodies: our skin! Unlike any other sunscreens you might have used before, Skinnies Conquer is specially designed for the outdoor adventurer and ocean enthusiast with SPF50+ and 4 hours water resistance. It won't sting your eyes, sweat off during sport, or wash off when you hit the seas. What’s best - the soft cocoa-butter gel glides on clear and adapts to all skin tones with no white cast. Sounds like the perfect sunscreen you’ve been looking for all this while, right?


#3 Have a Cosy One at Home with your Loved Ones

Prefer to stay indoors, away from the crowds - especially during this pandemic? We’ve got you covered too. We love the idea of decorating our homes to set the cosy, warm Christmas mood, and gathering our loved ones (maximum 5 guests please!) this December for homecooked Christmas feasts!

Ah! How can we forget the wine? Grab a pouch (containing 2 bottles of wine!) of Sunray by Havalina for your party this year, as well as some cheese to go with the wine. Display your cheese on the trendy Wooden Cheeseboard and Honey Pot by Greek Kouzina for the maximum Christmas feels. 

Don’t forget to prepare some healthy snacks plated on the attractively coloured Recycled Newspaper Bowl by The Eco Statement for your guests this Christmas too! With Confetti’s Veggie Chips available in 4 different flavours, your guests will definitely be spoilt for choice!

Recycled Newspaper Bowl    by    The Eco Statement        & Wooden Cheeseboard and Honey Pot by Greek Kouzina (Only available in-store)

Recycled Newspaper Bowl by The Eco Statement 

& Wooden Cheeseboard and Honey Pot by Greek Kouzina (Only available in-store)

Veggie Chips by Confetti & Sunray by Havalina  (Only available in-store)

Veggie Chips by Confetti & Sunray by Havalina (Only available in-store)

Although food does make up a huge part of gatherings (plus so deeply ingrained into our Singaporean culture!), some activities can take the fun of the gathering up by a notch too! Our go-to games for group settings include The Singaporean Dream, Monopoly Deal, or Cluedo. And if you’re not a board/card game type of person, some simple games (without props) you could play include games like Charades or Guess the Secret Number

Lastly, what’s a Christmas gathering without… SECRET SANTA? Have a cosy gift exchange with your loved ones this Christmas. Do consider skimping on the packaging, though. Because #SaveTheEarth! Let’s do our part together to make conscious efforts to celebrate this festive season in a sustainable way!


#4 Spread the Cheer

Finally, this one’s for you, introverts! You love to celebrate festive seasons… less the social interactions. Fret not, we’ve got you covered too! 

First, decorate your place with holly Christmas Ornaments by Zhai Eco, Ma Te Sai, and The Green Collective for the festive ‘feels’. You can deck your homes with the festive spirit, minus the guilt - with our eco-friendly, lovingly handmade options! 

Christmas Ornaments by  Zhai Eco ,  Ma Te Sai , The Green Collective   (Only available in-store)   &  Christmas Greeting Cards  by  Zhai Eco

Christmas Ornaments by Zhai Eco, Ma Te Sai, The Green Collective 

(Only available in-store) 

& Christmas Greeting Cards by Zhai Eco

Following that, you can grab a stack of Christmas Greeting Cards by Zhai Eco and write away! Send your loved ones (especially those you miss dearly) your personalized messages to stay in touch with them, or simply to let them know how much you care. This virus might have reshaped how we do many things - but sending our heartfelt thoughts and holiday greetings doesn’t have to be one of them.

Wish to send some gifts to your young nieces and nephews but not sure of what to get for them? Here’s a good chance to gift them something useful. A series to impart life skills and cultural values to children (especially on sustainability! You can never start them too young), these books by Dinostaury are the perfect gift for your toddler friends in your life! 

Dinostaury (Only available in-store)

Dinostaury (Only available in-store)

And voila! These are the ideas we have for you this December, to rekindle the true holiday spirits during such unique times. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, single or attached - we hope we’ve managed to get you covered!

We may be amidst a pandemic, but let’s not allow it to ground our spirits. Wishing you and all your loved ones a very happy holiday this 2020!