Where to Donate Your Preloved Clothes


Note - due to the COVID-19 situation, donations for pre-loved items are now on hold the venues listed below until further notice.

We only wear 20% of the clothes in our wardrobe. The rest are probably impulse buys, last minute decisions, or garments that we have fallen out of love with. If you do recognise this, then it is a good time to reflect and know that you have fallen into the trap of buying too many clothes, and not focusing on what you need as part of your outfits, and not what you want.

But what do you do with all the clothes that you don’t need? If you need ideas for places to donate your clothes, we've got you covered. Take a look at our list below.
1. Recycling and Preloved!

Pop down to our space at Funan and drop off your clothes at our very own donation box. Our textile recycling partner,  Greensquare, will collect the clean items and sort them out at their facility for recycling into rags, or for reuse overseas.

If you would like to give your preloved garments a new life, do let our team know, and these will be set aside for our preloved rack. Sales of these items will contribute to the running of the space.

The Green Collective SG Preloved Clothing Section

The Green Collective SG Preloved Clothing Section

2. Turn them into Angel Gowns

Send your preloved wedding gowns to Angel Hearts, a group of volunteers who will sew them into 'angel gowns' for babies who have passed on, or lost mid-way during pregnancy.

3. Contribute to a Thrift Store

New2U Thrift Store:, which is operated under Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations, takes preloved clothes. A known name for those into thrift shopping, they accept all clothes and re-sell them at prices starting from as low as $1. All proceeds go into the development of women who are victims of violence.

4. Help Disadvantaged Ladies

Image Misson motto is “Changing Image, Empowering Lives”, and their aim is to help women from low-income and disadvantaged families grow. If you would like these ladies to dress for success and ace that job interview that could change their lives, simply donate clothes that you yourself would wear to a job interview.

Donating your unused clothes is an easy process, yet life-changing for some people. If it’s not something you already do, we hope you will take the step to make this difference!