Why Shop Local: 3 Reasons To Switch To Buying Local Brands This Season 🇸🇬

Why Shop Local: 3 Reasons To Switch To Buying Local Brands This Season 🇸🇬

This month, Singapore observed its’ 57th National Day and what better way to celebrate our country’s culture & identity than support our local brands? Local brands provide not only a wide range of product categories, enough to challenge its chain competitors, but even  form the foundation of our country’s economy.

By providing a huge chunk of employment opportunities and also supporting local farms, suppliers, and distributors, local businesses act as investors that give back to our economy. Read on to find three reasons why you should switch to buying local- from supporting our local economy to reducing harmful repercussions on the environment. 

I. Reducing Environmental Impact

Since the goods are produced and sold locally, there is a decrease in automobile pollution & carbon emissions from reduced need for transportation of raw materials & final goods alike. There is also a decrease in use of wasteful packaging material used due to less long distance travel. (P.S. Did you know? Amazon produced over 465 million pounds of plastic packaging waste in 2019!)

Finally, buying local helps local suppliers and farms stay operational rather than being sold to developers. This, in turn protects the indigenous wildlife and promotes sustainable farming practices. 

II. Creating Employment Opportunities 

Local businesses create a wealth of employment opportunities, in turn contributing to the local economy in another meaningful way. 

Did you know? Local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) account for 99% of all enterprises in Singapore. Moreover, they are responsible for 70% of all employment in our country. Thus when you support local brands you are in turn not only helping the local economy flourish but also helping generate jobs for locals. 

III: Supporting Local Economy 

By virtue of being local, these businesses are investors in the local economy. They do so by purchasing goods and services from local suppliers & distributors, hiring a local workforce, and engaging with local financial institutions. In this way, these businesses end up giving back to the community and economy. In fact, small local businesses return more than 3 times as much money per dollar of sales to the local economy than chain competitors. This means that their multiplier i.e. additional economic impact is significantly higher. 

IV: Enhancing Local Culture


Perhaps one of the most important yet immeasurable benefits of supporting & encouraging local brands to flourish is for them to enhance local Singapore culture. After all, they are a big part of what makes Singapore, Singapore! 🇸🇬

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