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Cleansing Rounds Kit

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With great care, each Bamboo round will last you up to 300 times.

The Bamboo Rounds

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and makes it perfect for daily use. These rounds made with bamboo and cotton feature a silky soft texture that will not tug at the sensitive areas of your skin.

Each round is 8cm in diameter.

Suitable for use on face, eyes, lips and neck areas. 


1) Wet the cleansing round with warm water. 

2) Put some cleansing oil/milk onto the cleansing round and use it to gently remove make up and dirt in slow circular motions until your skin is well cleansed.

3) Rinse off with water and let it dry naturally in an airy place. 

Care Instructions

Hand wash with natural soap after every use. For a more thorough wash, place the rounds into the cotton bag provided and toss them into the washing machine! To remove any cosmetic stains, run the load on a cold wash to wash them out. Washing your reusable bamboo pads is as easy as washing your clothes!

Oasis Botanicals LLP Rounds Kit | Available at The Green Collective
Cleansing Rounds Kit Sale price$10.00