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Touch The Toes Lavender Eye Pillow

Sale price$38.00

An essential for complete relaxation at the end of your yoga practice (in savasana),  and during your sound bath / gong meditation. Our eye pillow is designed to fit the contours of your face, and totally block out light, inducing deep rest and serenity. Let its lavender scent calm you down, and the weight from the flaxseed soothe your nervous system. At the end of class, simply fold in half and slip it into the carry bag that comes with it. Portable aromatherapy.

L 25 x B11 x 1.5cm

Made with  Dried lavender flowers, flaxseed & a lot of care. Fabrics are washed & ironed, before being carefully stitched and filled.

No Harmful Stuff  100% natural.

Sustainability  Each eye pillow is hand-cut from rescued fabrics that would otherwise have been incinerated or gone into a landfill. Made in Malaysia; with significantly reduced carbon footprint from transportation. #zerowaste 

Comfort  165g gently rests only on the eye sockets; nothing presses against the nose and you breathe freely and easily.

Care Instruction  Carry-bag and the removable outer shell. Can be hand- or machine-washed both (in a wash bag, to better maintain its' shape).

Fabric prints will vary, as each rescued batch is different.



Touch The Toes Lavender Eye Pillow | Buy at The Green Collective
Touch The Toes Lavender Eye Pillow Sale price$38.00