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Urban Composter Accelerator Refill 1 litre

Sale price$22.00

Introducing our Urban Composting Accelerator - a 100% organic microbe solution made in Australia from dynamic fermented fruit extract. This powerful solution contains Effective Microbes (EMs) that will ferment and break down the kitchen scraps placed in the Urban Composter™, accelerating the composting process.

Our Urban Composting Accelerator is easy and clean to use. Simply add it to your Urban Composter™, and the Effective Microbes will work their magic to create rich compost from your kitchen scraps.

With our Urban Composting Accelerator, you can take your urban composting to the next level by accelerating the decomposition of your kitchen scraps. Start your journey to sustainable living with our effective and eco-friendly solution today.

Not specified Accelerator Refill | Shop at The Green Collective
Urban Composter Accelerator Refill 1 litre Sale price$22.00