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Bacterial Acne Skincare bundle set to heal your skin gently!

When your skin shows infected pimples with pus, or white heads, this means there is localised infection and its many strains of bacteria at play.  After cleansing, mist wasabi skin sanitiser over  acne area to kill bacteria. Mist Anti Acne mist to return skin back to its natural acidic pH and mangosteen extract will help to kill C. Acne bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Thanaka Masking 2 or 3 times a week helps to dry out pus pimple for cleaner extraction. 

After going on this skincare regime, you should expect less redness and inflammation and pimples will slowly harden to a point where they can be extracted safely and gently. 

Set includes
1 unit Facial wash bar ( lavender lemon) for an effective antimicrobial gently cleanse. ( with soap net)
1 unit 30ml Wasabi Skin Sanitiser ( wide spectrum alcohol free sanitiser to target skin infections especially pus filled pimples)
1 Unit 30ml Anti Acne Mist Formulated with Organic Rose Hydrosol with mangosteen extract to kill C. Acne bacteria that lives on your skin and pores. Helps to recover skin back to is natural acidic pH.
1 pack of Thanaka Mask powder ( 25gram) add some water to thanaka mask powder to form a watery fluid( not a thick paste) apply to affected skin area or all over skin . Leave it to dry and wash off after a couple of hours.

ACNE SET D Sale price$95.00