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Aomori Essential Oil Roll-On

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Wake up in the beautiful Japanese countryside to freshly brewed green tea, and take a deep breath as you look out over the serene view of Sakura blossoms in full bloom. Surround yourself with beautiful natural landscapes, and escape the busy city life.  

Note Profile:

The Wanderlust Series is a celebration of adventure, vibrant design, and the spirit of travel. Each essential roll-on is crafted with a blend of essential oils and jojoba oil, and these little tubes are packed full of evocative scents that will transport you to a different land. 



The Aomori Essential Oil Roll-On Perfume combines all the fragrances you would come to expect as you explore the panoramic landscapes of this city.  Without a doubt, the earthy aroma of the Hinoki essential oil is guaranteed to take you straight to Aomori, Japan.

Yuzu Essential Oil:

Slightly tart and slightly sweet, fresh, and light, the distinct, citrusy fragrance of the Yuzu essential oil may only make you crave for a Yuzu sake. The smell of Yuzu fruit blends well with other fragrances in this perfume, giving you that unique Japanese travel experience. 

Green Tea Essential Oil:

Bringing a sense of calm, the sweet, fresh, and minty scent of the green tea essential oil also sharpen your mental focus. As such, among the many green tea benefits is that it can be an excellent aid when studying or completing that important work assignment.

Sakura Essential Oil:

Inhale the fresh sweet aroma of cherry blossoms as you see them by the sakura trees in your surroundings. The floral scent of the sakura essential oil is subtle and delicate, reminding you of the blushing warmth of springtime.

Cypress Essential Oil:

Rounding up with fresh, herbaceous, and evergreen undertones, the distinct aroma of cypress essential oil creates a feeling of security and grounding. You can’t help but imagine the strength of cypress trees as you inhale their aromatic influence on the blend.