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Avant Garde Soap Dish - Desert Rose

Sale price$15.00

While it doesn't quite look like the conventional flat soap dishes, our Avant Garde soap dish ticks off almost every criteria on our requirement for that perfect soap dish. A contemporary design that is highly functional. This is a dish that has helped countless new bar soap users start off the journey on the right foot and wooed back many lapsed user with its great ease of use.

What's special about this dish:
- Angled slope allows water on bar to drain off easily.
- Foothold sits the bar securely on the dish.
- Generous grooves minimise full contact with soap, allowing more surfaces to dry between showers.
- High performance silicone doesn't allow the soap to stick to it. If it does a little, the grooves access are wide enough for fingers to go underneath the soap and gently nudge it out.
- Effortless cleaning with no need to scrub through grooves. After finishing a bar of soap, simply drop the whole dish in a small tub of water. After 5 minutes give the dish a rinse and you are all ready to start your new bar.
- High durability


Color:Desert Rose
The Ripple Tribe Pte Ltd Rose | Available at The Green Collective
Avant Garde Soap Dish - Desert Rose Sale price$15.00