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endota Organics Coffee & Coconut Resurfacing Polish 180ml

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Give your whole body a revitalising polish. This creamy, granulated scrub comes filled with revitalising caffeine and other natural wonders – so you can wake your skin up to its best and smoothest self.

While the health of our skin runs deep, it’s the surface that’s responsible for our beautifully-smooth and firmly-toned appearance. Few organic ingredients invigorate and aid that quite like caffeine. So, naturally, we’ve sourced coffee and combined it with exfoliating coconut husk to offer you this vibrant, full-body resurfacing polish.

Use this creamy, granulated polish once or twice a week, from head to toe. It will stimulate circulation and resurface your skin – while the caffeine delivers its firming, invigorating benefits. You’ll be left with skin that feels smooth, looks fresh and firm and glows from this natural nourishment.