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Feel Good Fabric Spray Mist - Yuzu Grapefruit

Sale price$11.90

Feel Good Fabric Fragrance Spray - 300ml/bottle.

Enchant yourself with the sweet fragrant aroma when you are both indoors and outdoors.
Made with Aromatherapy Essential Oil, a healthy scent for your well-being.
Anti-dustmites & Anti-bacterial capabilities.
Safe for all colours and fabrics.
Great for active wear, sports & fitness attires, towels, bed linens, curtains.
Suitable for all ages as it is gentle to nose with soothing and fresh fragrance to enjoy all day long.
Dissolves easily.

● Fill the bottle with water up till just before it reaches the neck of the bottle.
● Shake the bottle well up to 3 minutes.
● Spray around on your clothes, curtains, bed linens and active-wear.

● Spray and let the fragrance mist fall onto the fabric.
● Once open and dissolved in water, use within 3 months.
● Shake well before each use.

Spray Yuzu Grape by Uni Market Trades | Purchase at The Green Collective
Feel Good Fabric Spray Mist - Yuzu Grapefruit Sale price$11.90