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Feel Good Fragrance Beads - Sugi Cedar

Sale price$15.90

Feel Good Fragrance Beads In-Wash Scent Booster for daily Laundry and multipurpose usage
Smell fresh all day whether you are indoor or outdoors
Made of aromatherapy Essential Oil which is also a healthy scent for well being
Safe for all types of washing machines, fabrics & coolers
Great for active wear sports, fitness attires, towels and bed linens
Antibacterial and Anti mite
Suitable for all ages as it is gentle to nose with soothing and fresh fragrance to enjoy all day long
Easily dissolvable
INGREDIENTS - Perfume Carrie, Fragrances, Softener, Colorants

HOW TO USE - Simply shake a little and pour half cap into the cap, then toss the beads into the washing machine at the beginning of the wash.


Beads Sugi Cedar by Uni Market Trades | Shop at The Green Collective
Feel Good Fragrance Beads - Sugi Cedar Sale price$15.90