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Oasis Hydrate Facial Toner Mist

Sale price$10.00

This alcohol-free blend has been created out of 100% pure ingredients, harvested responsibly from nature.

Enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide, this face mist will help to deeply hydrate and deliver active nutrients directly into the skin. It is the ideal priming base and setting spray between layers of makeup for a long-lasting and smooth finish.

Use this especially if you are exposed to dry conditions like air conditioned environments or cold climates. 

Powered by:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid
  2. Niacinamide Vitamin B3 hydration blended boosters
  3. Antibacterial Sage and Linden hydrosol
  4. Balancing Geranium Oil

Directions -

Use this hydrating face mist liberally onto your skin throughout the day. 

Skin types -

All, even sensitive skin types. Dry skin types will benefit most from this treatment. Also suitable for eczema and rosacea conditions


Oasis Hydrate Facial Toner Mist
Oasis Hydrate Facial Toner Mist Sale price$10.00