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I AM WISE Candle: Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli

Sale price$40.00

Connect with your inner wisdom as you breathe in the resiny, smoky, and sweet spice aroma. Let the grounding scent of this candle remind you that already know the way —  you only have to look within. 

Infused with amazonite crystals to further help you achieve clarity of the mind.

Note Profile:

      • Top: Sage 
      • Base: Frankincense, Myrrh 

200g: 55+ hour burn time. Made from a luxurious wax blend that contains coconut wax and rice bran wax.

Feel reconnected with your inner wisdom as you breathe in the resiny, smoky, grounding, spiritual and sweet spice aroma of the I AM WISE Affirmation Crystal Candle. This earthy blend is guaranteed to awaken your inner intuition while keeping you grounded and inspired. Be confident as you make your decisions and life choices, knowing that you are aware of your higher self’s calling.

A sustainable and clean-burning alternative to paraffin wax candles.

Made with essential oils and premium-quality wax to not only fill your space with toxin-free calming aroma but also to be a self-care ritual.

Sage Essential Oil:

With a herbaceous, hay-like, sharp and spicy scent, the clary sage essential oil provides a calming atmosphere and is said to enhance the dream state.

Made popular during the Middle Ages for its ability to help clear eye problems (where it got its name), the clary sage has also long been used to ease menstrual cramps and menopause symptoms. In aromatherapy, studies have shown that it can help reduce stress and has the properties to act as a natural antidepressant.

Frankincense Essential Oil:

Known as “holy oil” or incense, the frankincense essential oil has a rich and deep woodsy odour. Throughout history, frankincense oil has been used in religious ceremonies to facilitate communication with the Divine. Aside from increasing spiritual awareness, it also has been used to help boost the immune and nervous systems.  

Myrrh Essential Oil:

Warm, earthy and spicy, the myrrh essential oil also helps promote spiritual awareness. With an uplifting aroma, people have used myrrh to help increase appetite and treat various skin conditions. Also among the myrrh essential oil uses are its application in the support of hormonal and emotional balance.