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Indosole Women's Slide Platform

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Indosole Women's Slide Platform

Experience the perfect combination of comfort, style, and sustainability with the Indosole Women's Platform Slides. Whether you're strolling along the beach, travelling light, or running errands, these slides will stay securely on your feet, providing the utmost comfort throughout the day.

- Soft Dream-Cloud Strap
- Superior Traction & Grip
- 100% Waterproof & Quick Drying
- Comfortable & Supportive Natural Rubber Midsole
- Ergonomically Contoured Footbed with Arch Support
- Over 50% Recycled Materials, including the Signature Recycled Soles

Our Women's Slides are built to withstand the rigors of everyday wear while providing exceptional comfort. They feature arch support, a 20mm natural rubber platform mid-sole and a soft Dream-cloud strap that gets softer and more supple the longer you wear it. No matter how active your lifestyle, these slides will keep up with you.

Indosole is more than just a brand; it's a movement toward a sustainable future. They strive to make a positive social and environmental impact, which is why they are proud to be a certified B-Corp & a 1% For The Planet Member.

Their commitment to balancing profit with purpose, people, and the planet is at the core of everything they do.

Their signature black sole is made of recycled tires. 1.6 Billion tires are discarded globally every year and they have found a solution to just one of the environmental problems effecting our planet. The white or coloured sole styles are made up of recycled sneaker soles. Hundreds of thousands of defective pairs of sneakers in Indonesia are thrown out each year. They recycle these sneakers thrown out by major sneaker brands and turn them into soles for new shoes.

In addition to their sustainability, the Indosole shoes are built to last. The combination of premium materials and expert craftsmanship ensures that these flip-flops will accompany you on your adventures for years to come.

Caring for your Indosole’s
Wondering how to keep your Indosole's clean? Easy. Indosole's are 100% waterproof. Use natural soap and a soft-bristle brush and give them a good cleaning. Dry out of direct sunlight (leaving them in direct sunlight for prolonged periods may damage the structure of the natural rubber midsole). They're quick drying so it won’t take long. As they are 100% waterproof they can cleaned thoroughly and dried completely to ensure anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral qualities.

8 Reasons Why Indosole's Are Good For Your Feet and the Earth

Waterproof. Whether you get caught in the rain, are ambling around the pool, or heading to the beach, your Indosole’s will get you there even if they’re wet. Made for all of your everyday travels and adventures.

Natural Rubber. When you put on a pair of Indosole’s there an immediate reaction to the comfort from the layer of natural rubber. The rubber is ethically sourced in Indonesia, and is dyed with natural dyes with no chemical and toxic run-off into our environment.

Vegan. Indosole’s B-Corp certification ensures they are legally monitored and scrutinize every aspect of their supply chain providing the fine details to ensure all materials used are cruelty-free and ensuring no animals were harmed or killed in the production process. They only use non-animal glues in their shoes also.

Arch Support. The ultimate game-changer - flip flops and slippers with ergonomic support. With contoured footbeds, the Indosole range provides ultimate comfort with it’s superior cushioning while stil being stylish enough to wear every day. It hugs the foot in all the right places.

Envro Fibre. In order to make a supple strap that doesn’t rub and can withstand all conditions with a long lifespan, Indosole use ENVRO Fibre. Through deep R&D, they created a material that uses very little water in production, all natural dyes and lasts years, becoming more supple and soft as time goes by, wearing in like leather, but animal-free.

All Terrain. Indosole has adventure at it’s heart, a brand created by individuals who love the outdoors - whether that be surfing, hiking, traveling or just exploring our urban playgounds. They wanted a sandal that can handle everyday travels and adventures and provide grip and durability in the process. The very thing that makes Indosole so unique is the recycled soles that connect your shoe to the ground you walk on. Tires are extremely durable and provide excellent grip, even in the rain - so it goes without saying that your recycled tire sole Indosole slippers will do the same for your feet. The footbed tread is also designed to provide even more traction to prevent you from slipping out of the shoe whilst you walk.

Recycled Tire Soles - The signature Indosole black sole is made from tires. 160,000 Billion tires end up in landfills every year. They do not decompose and cause a myriad of issues from oil fires to dengue breeding. They take discarded tires that would otherwise end up in those landfills and turn them into new soles for your shoes. Their latest technology also recycles discarded sneaker soles which gives the white or coloured soles on some of our range.

Made Responsibly - Indosole is a certified B Corporation and it’s proof that they meet the rigorous standards required to ensure every aspect of their business, from production, to employees is responsibly managed. They are proud to be making footwear in a socially and environmentally resonsible manner.


Color:Black Foam
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