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AGIONTEX Reusable Dehumidifier Kick-Start Canister 1s Lavender

Sale price$5.90

AGIONTEX Eco-friendly Dehumidifier / Moisture Absorber refill eliminates musty odors by absorbing excess moisture in places with damp, stagnant air. Perfect for areas where excess moisture is an issue, like cabinets, toilets, home bomb shelters, plastic storage boxes etc

Convenient to use. Refillable Dehumidifier Canisters with refills included.

Kick Start your Dehumidifying journey now with Agiontex.

Each canister contains 300g of refills.

Canister capacity up to 1000ml.

ECO FRIENDLY -- Reduce Plastic waste --- Refill pack for exhausted dehumidifiers to re-use old containers