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Large Foldable storage bag - Clear

Sale price$33.00

At UNPLASTIK we truly believe the FUTURE is REUSABLES by offering environmentally friendly Reusable Storage Bags & Containers/Lunch Boxes to reduce our reliance on single-use plastics for our Kitchen & Beyond. Our products are non-toxic to the planet & human health & yet can be RE-USED for MULTIPLE TIMES & PURPOSES.

Go ahead and use thissize endlessly for just anything BIG you can think of for your Kitchen & Beyond keeping your life neat & organised. 

PERFECT FOR: Keeping various large quantity foods fresh, longterm freezer storage like baked goods & dehydrated vegetables/fruits, store bulk grains, kids volume toys like legos, hot wheels etc, excellent for sous vide cooking and the perfect gift for all occasions. 

MADE OF: 100% pure platinum food grade silicone. Contains 0% plastic and other harmful substances like BPA, BPS, PVC, Latex, Lead, Phthalates etc.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: Designed to withstand temperature range of-60C up to +220C making them perfectly safe for use in Microwave or Freezer.

STANDUP FLAT BOTTOM: Designed to Stand allowing for liquid stuff to be poured in and taken out conveniently avoiding the hassles of spills.

LEAKPROOF, EASY TO OPEN & CLOSE: Designed with a wide and thick opening with superior sealing performance making them leakproof, hence, perfect fresh-keeping effect. 

WATERPROOF: Our bags are 100% waterproof. Whether exposed to rain or mistakenly fall in swimming pool or get wet; the contents will always remain dry. 

CONVENIENT: Super convenient to store in comparison to the bulky glass or toxic plastic containers. Organize them by writing/drawing with markers

SAVE COST SAVE PLANET & SAVE YOUR HEALTH: ONE Reusable UNPLASTIK bag can replace thousands of single-use plastics. No worry of toxic chemicals leaching into your food.

Large Foldable storage bag - Clear
Large Foldable storage bag - Clear Sale price$33.00