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Urban Composter Masher

Sale price$6.80 Regular price$8.00

Introducing the eco-friendly Urban Composting Masher - designed to help you take your composting efforts to the next level while reducing your environmental impact! Made from recycled plastic, this masher is both durable and sustainable.

Designed to work seamlessly with your Urban Composter, the Urban Composting Masher helps to compress and break up food scraps, reducing air pockets and facilitating the fermentation process. This results in rich, nutrient-dense compost that is perfect for your garden.

Easy to use and easy to clean, the Urban Composting Masher is an essential tool for any home composter. After each use, simply wash with soap and water to avoid odors and keep the masher in top condition.

Upgrade your composting game today with the Urban Composting Masher - an eco-friendly solution that helps you reduce waste, save money, and support a healthier planet.
Composter masher
Urban Composter Masher Sale price$6.80 Regular price$8.00