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Oasis Eco Home Cleaning Starter Kit

Sale price$39.00

This is a great 4-piece eco-friendly bundle to get you started on zero waste swaps in your daily clean up at home!

The set includes a bottle of multi-purpose Black Soap, a pair of bamboo brushes, and a 2-pack Coconut Dish Sponge.

They are packaged in a cotton mesh bag that can be repurposed into a laundry bag for your washing machine!

Description -

Liquid Black Soap

Make your washing up a breeze with this multi-purpose cleaning liquid that is great for cleaning all types of surfaces including sinks, counter tops, floors and glass windows - leaving them fresh, streak-free and free of bacteria. The black soap is residue-free, making them safe for crawling young children and pets. You can even use this to create your own natural pesticide! It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 


Bamboo Pot Brush

2 pot brush types. You can receive any.

Cream Bristles: Perfect for cleaning soft things like vegetables, fruits and dishes with its medium-stiff sisal bristles

Sisal + Palmyra Fibre Bristles: This brush is made for heavy duty cleaning of surfaces, greasy pots and even floors. 

Bamboo and Sisal Dish Scrubber (with long handle)

This solid scrubbing dish brush tackles cleaning up like a dream. Made of high density natural sisal bristles, this brush made from bamboo is great for scrubbing out stains from pots, pans, plates and even cast iron skillets without any harsh scratches. 

Coconut Dish Sponge

Tired of throwing away plastic sponges every month? Replace them with these reusable sponges made from natural coconut fibre and wood pulp. An absolute must-have for any zero-waste home! Apart from washing out dishes, these sponges can also be used for cleaning all sorts of surfaces, including tiles, counter tops and windows. Made without any dyes, bleach or glue.

Pack of 2


Oasis Eco Home Cleaning Starter Kit
Oasis Eco Home Cleaning Starter Kit Sale price$39.00