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Oasis Natural Dishwashing Gift Bag

Sale price$39.90

This is a great 4-piece eco-friendly dishwashing bundle to get you started on zero waste swaps in your daily wash up at home!

The set includes a package-free Dishwashing Soap, a bottle of multi-purpose Black Soap, a bamboo Pot Brush and a recyclable resin Soap Dish.

Key Features  -

Fer a Cheval Dishwashing Soap

This dishwashing soap bar is the perfect eco detergent that is effective on removing grease and food stains, while staying gentle on sensitive hands. It also aids in bringing back shine to cutlery. Perfect for those seeking a plastic-free alternative to dishwashing!

The bar soap weighs 225g

How to use: Moisten your sponge or your dish brush and rub it directly on the soap. Proceed to clean your dishes with the sponge and rinse off. A little goes a long way - you only need a bit of soap to effectively clean your dishes. 

Liquid Black Soap

Make your washing up a breeze with this multi-purpose cleaning liquid that is great for cleaning all types of surfaces including sinks, counter tops and faucets, leaving them fresh and free of bacteria. You can even use this to shine your cutlery! It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 


Lattice Soap Dish

Made of lightweight and recyclable resin, the dish is gently sloping inwards to let your soap rest securely while allowing for efficient drainage of water. Its smart grid design also ensures that the soap never gets stuck - causing a mess on your counter!  The dish is flexible, durable AND resistant to bathroom mould. Buy once and use it for a lifetime.


Oasis Natural Dishwashing Gift Bag
Oasis Natural Dishwashing Gift Bag Sale price$39.90