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OASIS Room and Linen Mist

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Fresh Linen

Who can resist the crisp clean scent of freshly washed linens drying out under the sun? Featuring notes of cotton and sweet powdery musk, this room and linen spray will instantly chase away any undesired odours and infuse that elegant powdery touch to your garments and room. Mist over your pillow to lull yourself into a relaxing sleep. After all, you deserve to be swathed in layers and layers of cottony clouds in your beauty rest don’t you think?


Cotton Flower, Lily-of-the-Valley, Freesia, Musk, Vanilla.

Meadows -

Drift into the heart of nature with this mist that unveils sun-kissed irises, violets, and the freshness of pears, harmoniously blended with wood and a touch of Rose. Let your room be kissed by the essence of a blooming meadow at dawn. Crafted with a perfume-grade alcohol that is certified organic without phthalates or glycol, and developed in a cosmetic laboratory in France.

Alcohol Denat (Plant-based Perfume Alcohol), Parfum, Aqua.Tea & Musk

Embrace the harmony of this mist that blends floral island blossoms and powdery musk with the purity of distilled green tea leaves. Spray this over your covers, rugs or even use this as a perfume - the choices are endless. 


Bergamot, Musk, Lemon zest, Island blossoms and Tea Leaves.

 What is the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)?

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) is theofficial self-regulatory representative body of the fragrance industry worldwide. Founded in 1973, IFRA publishes a list of safe usage standards for fragrance materials, limiting or prohibiting the use of ingredients, based on the findings of the Research Institute of Fragrance Materials, which gathers data regarding the safety of fragrance materials. In 2020, the association also started to focus on sustainability in the beauty and fragrance sector. 

 Find out more about the IFRA standards through this independent link here


Spray two to three pumps throughout the immediate space or surface and refresh as needed


Alcohol Denat (Plant-based Perfume Alcohol), Parfum, Aqua. 

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OASIS Room and Linen Mist Sale price$72.00