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Ollie Essential Oil Nebulizer

Sale price$99.90

Enjoy the goodness of essential oils without the mess! This state-of-the-art water-free nebulizer turns essential oils into an undiluted gas-like mist and is super effective if you have large space to cover.

Made completely with wood and glass, it is sleek, effective, portable, and oh so convenient!

Like all other products, it is made sustainably and comes with a handy multi-purpose bag.

When using this Ollie nebulizer, you’ll get nothing but pure essential oil aroma filling the air around you. This nebulizer is meant to be used with pure essential oils only. While it's okay to mix various pure oils into it, you cannot use diluted oils, water, or carrier oils in the nebulizer. This nebulizer uses cold air to break down the essential oils molecules and converts them into microdroplets. These droplets then get infused into the air. They can not only stay suspended in the air for much longer keeping things smelling great, but they are also the right size to enter your breathing system so you can actually benefit from the oils.


Ollie Essential Oil Nebulizer | Home fragrances | The Green Collective SG
Ollie Essential Oil Nebulizer Sale price$99.90